Friday, May 31, 2013

New Beginnings

The day has finally arrived; I close on the sale of my home today.  The last month has been a turbulent roller coast of reacting, acting, and trying to remain sane in the midst of continual challenges.   I'm so thankful for my Realtor Cristin, she went above and beyond!  I know I could not have sold my house as quick as we did without her.  I feel confident that she will quickly rise to great success in her new field.  

I also could not have gotten through the last month without my son Ian and my dear friend Lilibeth.  I truly believe the Universe sends the people that you need in your life at just the right time.  Her continual support, friendship, companionship and laughter has helped me feel normal when internally I'm in bits and pieces.  

Tonight, I'll celebrate the closing being behind us, and toast the endless possibilities ahead.  

Also, under 100 days to kickoff!  Things are already looking up!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Time

Once again I find myself about to venture into a new chapter of life.  Surprisingly, I've maintained my composure post break -up, and I have been steadily riding out the ripple effects of having to sell my home.   Admittedly, I feel numb, and can't help but wonder if that means all this will  hit me later.  I hope it simply means I've gotten stronger over the years, and have a kick ass survival instinct. 

New beginnings come loaded with opportunities for personal growth and self improvement, and I am focusing on that.  The love I receive from my animals is also a huge comfort, and they have started sleeping with me most nights.  Do you think they know what a mess I am inside?  Ok, so perhaps that's harsh.  I'm not a mess.  Actually I feel very optimistic of the future, and where my life is heading.  I do miss my ex; however I am not holding onto the past, or wallowing, I'm simply moving forward and not looking back.  I feel, for the first time in many years that I am on the right path. 

So, now we wait to move, then close, then ...