Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vision Board Underway!

So what do you do to get yourself invested in the next big goal?  Is there something that works for  you?  For me, I do a lot of visualizing, therefore what better tool than a vision board where I spend a majority of my time?    I am a huge fan of "The Secret" and believe in the power of positive thinking, so this is how I start a lifestyle change, or start moving forward after a big life change.

I recently separated from my partner of nearly 6 years, and I have been so busy with work, my son, and school that I don't think I truly processed what happened, and how different life would be.  At first I had the dog with me so I don't think I felt the loss of "affection" because I was getting so much unconditional love from the dog.  Fast forward a few weeks, and well the ex and I decided it was best if one of us had the dog, and since I did purchase the dog for him as a gift, I had to let go and let him go.   Wow, I miss my dog everyday!    

Still reeling from losing my partner and my dog, I recently received some interest from another man and it reaffirmed for me that I was not in the emotional place I needed to be anywhere in my life.  Professionally, things are fantastic, but personally, not so much.   Internally I panicked,  it was as if my mind did not have the software required to process this new information!  So, to compare myself to a computer in need of an update, I am "rebooting"my life.    Everyone is different, so some people break up and bounce right back into the arms of someone else for solace.  I on the other hand am not that person.  For the first time in my life I can say I am NOT lonely.  I enjoy my alone time, planning my routine, going through my day to day without the complications of dating or relationships.  However, don't get me wrong, I'm sure that eventually I'll get the "itch" for companionship, I have always wanted a life partner and I'm a passionate hispanic women!   I just think its time I fell in love with myself for the first time in my life.   Call it my "Eat, Pray, Love" moment.

"Hidden within each of us is an extraordinary force!"  It's about time I found mine!

Upcoming bucket list item:

First Amtrak trip:  What better time to take my first train ride then in the fall?  I'm going to enjoy my first train ride from Washington, D.C. to Raleigh, NC for Thanksgiving to spend a fun filled week with my sister.  I could not be more excited!    I look forward to taking in the countryside from my upgraded business class seat with wifi and snack car!  Hmm I wonder if they serve cocktails?

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